How To Use Content Curation As Growth Channel With Sharey

Content curation is a fascinating way to succeed in content marketing. It’s a way to show gratitude to authors and thought leaders. It’s also a way to network within your community. Sometimes, you might even grow your business with it.

Founded by Joe Cotellese, Sharey is a content marketing product that transforms content curation into a marketing channel. It’s a great way to leverage the content other people create to grow your business. Find out why Joe created the product and how it can help your business grow fasters.

1) Why did you decide to start Sharey?

When I was working in the email marketing space, I was thinking about how to traffic to my personal site – my product management blog. I considered the traditional content marketing approach because it does work. However, you have to constantly feed the beast. At the same time, I was regularly sharing content others created.

I started to think “is there a way that I can leverage content that I’m sharing with others?” I built a prototype of Sharey and it worked surprisingly well. It will take content that I’ve shared on Twitter and it will add a call to action to my website. First, I used it to send content back to my website. The original content authors got social shares and I got traffic back to my website.

2) Why is content curation valuable?

Content curation eases the burden of constantly creating your own content. There’s also a social benefit to sharing other content created by others. By regularly sharing, it demonstrates that you are connected with leaders in your space. I was already sharing product leadership. It helps to boost my credibility as somebody worth paying attention to.

Content Curation Example From Twitter

3) What are some of the common mistakes people make when they get started with content curation?

There are a lot of examples of people doing content curation poorly. I often see people blindly share articles on social media without adding any value.

In contrast, when people do content curation well, it’s obvious that they read the content. I will generally cite a specific point from the content in my curation. You need to do more than share the title and the URL of the content. This distinction is apparent in the metrics. I see the highest engagement on content when I pulled ideas and snippets out of the article.

4) How does the Sharey blog fit into your marketing?

It took me a while to figure my content strategy. Today, my approach is looking at different marketing tools. I’m also on the lookout for new tools that can help me get my work done more efficiently.

Writing about these other tools gives me an opportunity to connect with other startup CEOs. If I tweet about the tool, they are likely to pick up on the tweet and share it as well. Fundamentally, this approach works for me because I’m passionate about new marketing products.

5) What kinds of calls to action perform well in Sharey?

See Sharey’s Call To Action

See Sharey in action on Twitter

Sharey lets you customize your call to action that is added to content you share. At one point, I had written a job interview checklist for product managers. My call to action would be: download the checklist. For marketing Sharey, the call to action is “try it now” and variations on that theme.

6) How do approach converting free users to paid users?

During the 30 day trial period, there is an email campaign that goes out. I spent a lot of my time on the top of the funnel getting traffic to the website. Now that I have a steady stream of traffic coming in, I’m looking more into ways to boost convert

People are going to convert when they’ve seen value in the product. I want them to see value in the first week. If that occurs, they will likely sign up for the paid version faster. Ideally, you want them to see value as soon as possible because the user’s enthusiasm level tends to be highest at the beginning.

7) What marketing methods are most effective in driving sign ups for Sharey?

The biggest source of customer acquisition is using my own product personally. I curate content around digital marketing, social media marketing and related strategies. I’ve gotten customers through that approach.

Doing the podcast circuit has been a good way to get customers. [Editor’s Note: I first heard about Joe through his interview on the Growth Toolbox podcast: Growth Marketing Toolbox 106: Email Outreach and Content Marketing Tools]. All of my customer acquisition is earned right now.

8) Aside from Sharey, what are some of your favorite marketing tools?

Buffer is an essential tool. I leverage Buffer to queue up my shares. It is a good complementary service. I use and Clearbit in in my cold emailing outreach. Paul Graham talks about doing things that don’t scale. Customer acquisition by email is tough. The main reason I use cold email is to get on marketing podcasts. I have a specific strategy on how to get in front of podcasts. I use MixMax to schedule calls and appointments – I like how it ties in well with Gmail. I use Crisp as my chat platform. I use Full Story – a qualitative analytics (it does screen captures of user interactions).

9) What are your favorite marketing books?

Years ago, a mentor of mine introduced me to “Crossing the Chasm.” It has been an influential book about the gap between early adopters and everyone else. “Competitive Strategy” by Michael Porter:  is a great book. It’s not just about marketing – it is a critical piece for business success. It’s about how to frame your business against competitors. I also love the book “Running Lean.”

10) Where do you go online for news and information about SaaS and marketing?

There are multiple private Facebook groups ( and I’m in that relate to SaaS products. I like the Indie Hackers website. I also like “” which is created by a VC investor.

11) For readers who want to get in touch with you, where should they go online?

You can follow me on Twitter. For more information on Sharey, go to the Sharey website.


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