Get Leads At Scale & Grow Your Revenue For B2B Tech Companies

Fast growth B2B SaaS Companies lack the time and expertise to build a website that generates leads consistently.

Does These Growth Problems Sound Familiar?

What happens when your software as a service company’s lacks a predictable lead generation program? Your business growth will start to suffer in these ways:

  • Your sales team will be under more pressure to get leads and have to work long hours
  • The marketing team will be viewed as a cost (i.e. budget cuts and lay offs for marketing!)
  • Your annual recurring revenue and monthly recurring revenue levels will slow
  • You may disappoint investors… and they may say no when you ask for another funding round.

What Do You Get From Working With Me?

When you work with me to build and execute a lead generation program, you get the following:

  • Increase Your Profit Margin. Imagine charging more for your products than all of your competitors for your software. By becoming a thought leader to your customers, you will be able to charge higher prices to customers who understand your value.
  • Get More Quality Leads. A content marketing strategy attracts quality leads who actually want what you have to offer. That means less pressure to rely heavily on outbound sales. No more spending all of your time on cold emailing and cold calling.
  • Reduce Your Work Anxiety and Stress. Instead of guess work and hope, you’ll feel confident about hitting your marketing key performance indicators quarter after quarter.

The Path To More Leads In Three Simple Steps

Step 1: Validate your growth goals

Goals are the name of the game. In this step, we will discuss your top business goals for marketing such as: leads generated per month and converting more free users to paid accounts.

By the way, I don’t accept every growth goal as reasonable or desirable. This step is a dynamic process where we’ll set one or two key growth goals for the next three to six months.

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Step 2: Assess your marketing assets

As a SaaS business, you probably already have marketing assets in place like an email list, a social media following and a website. Before recommending changes to your marketing strategy and tactics, we’ll assess what you have in place and build on that success.

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Step 3: Launch your first 90 day growth campaign

In this step, we will create your first 90 day growth campaign to hit your marketing goals and build on what you currently have in place.

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