“We Close 60% of Our Inbound Leads”: Inside JustCall.io’s Marketing With Abhishek Srivastava

What if you could close over 50% of your B2B software leads?

That’s precisely what Abhishek Srivastava and his colleagues have achieved at JustCall.io. The result is even more impressive when you consider the intense competition in the business phone space. According to Capterra, there are more than 180 companies offering telephony software.

JustCall.io has some successful strategies to share. With staff in the US, India, and the Philippines, JustCall.io serves customers around the world. The company has also recently received the High Performer award from G2, a popular software review website. Abhishek Srivastava recently sat down with me to share his marketing perspective.

1) Can you introduce yourself and the company?

JustCall.io is a cloud-based call system. It’s an excellent solution for customers who need phone solutions for sales and customer service. There’s no need to buy and install phone hardware.

Before JustCall.io, I started my career with a degree in computer science. I became interested in digital marketing through a personal project: growing traffic for a blog devoted to wrestling. Through that project, I learned about what content worked to drive traffic. After graduation, I knew I wanted to focus on marketing. However, my first job was in IT sales. That experience helped me to understand what it is like to be in sales and what sales needs from marketing.

Where possible, I use my technical skills to enhance my marketing work. For example, I used an array data structure to create multiple niche web pages for various verticals (e.g., bike repair, plumbing, catering). This strategy helped us rank in the search engines for these niche industries and brought in traffic with minimal effort.

Tip: To get more traffic from the search engines, you don’t have to log more hours at work. Instead, outsource to a content marketing as a service agency.

2) What capabilities in the product are currently resonating most with customers?

Overall, we receive great reviews about our level of customer service, which is reflected in our online reviews.

From a product perspective, there are two capabilities to highlight. Our integrations with CRM and help desk apps have made a big difference. Besides, our support for SMS (text messaging) is also popular. Many other call systems do not have SMS support, so it sets us apart.

3) Has the global health and economic situation had an impact on your business or marketing? How so?

It is a mixed picture. There is some churn, and there are also sign-ups. On a strategic level, we are putting more effort into developing our customer success program. Fortunately, our product helps people succeed with remote work, so it resonates with the market.

4) How exactly are you improving your customer success program?

Start by tracking which features your customers use. We have built an in-house dashboard for customer success. Second, enhance the handoff process between sales and customer success so that it is smooth and seamless. Finally, we are increasing our proactive outreach efforts to customers so that they can see all the different features JustCall offers.

4) Take us inside one of your most successful marketing projects. What was the goal, and what was achieved?

When I started with JustCall, my focus was on improving the inbound strategy. After joining the company, I began to put more emphasis on the upper part of the funnel. I started to create content clusters to address niches like real estate lead generation.

In the middle stage of the funnel, I worked on help guides. Many customers have some familiarity with technologies like Call Insights, SMS bot. To address their needs, we needed to create more technical information.

From an inbound perspective, we focus on converting website visitors to demos. We are finding that about 60% of inbound leads close to sales.

Resource: To get more inbound leads, work with a content marketing strategist to organize your marketing program.

5) How do you work with the sales team?

In addition to traditional inbound leads, I’ve started to help the sales team improve their outbound program. Using Google Analytics, I look for which companies are visiting our website and then pass that information to sales. For example, if the end-user viewed multiple customer service pages on our site, then I suggest they reach out to a decision-maker in customer service.

Sometimes, you get lucky and see which company is viewing the website. In other cases, you just know the name of the Internet service provider like AT&T.

6) What is a marketing experiment or campaign you ran that didn’t work, and what did you learn from it?

In 2019, we created in-depth ebooks and guides to generate leads. It took 2-3 weeks to develop these resources. With these resources, we thought it would generate highly interested leads. So far, these assets have not produced many results. The limited results may be caused by the fact we promoted these assets with an exit pop up window only.

My lesson from this experience is that our customers prefer blog-style content rather than ebooks.

7) JustCall.io has quite a few integrations (e.g. )Zendesk, Slack, Intercom, Salesforce, Groove, Zapier, etc.) What role do these integrations play in your marketing?

JustCall integrates with 44+ CRMs, Helpdesks, and marketing automation apps. Pipedrive, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Zoho are some of the major integrations of JustCall. Right now, Pipedrive is one of our major partnerships, and we are highly ranked in the Pipedrive marketplace. In addition to integrations, these partnerships open the door for joint marketing efforts. For example, we have done some joint webinars, multiple guest post articles, and joint case-studies with our integration partners.

8) How do you approach market research?

I start with SEO keyword research. The keyword and content research tools in Ahrefs are particularly helpful. Once I find some promising keywords, I look at the current content in the marketplace and then use the Skyscraper technique to develop our content.

When I find some promising content ideas, I group all of those ideas into a single content cluster. This is a way of organizing ideas. For example, I have started creating content clusters for customer service professionals because they are our second largest user group after-sales.

9) What are your favorite 2-3 marketing software tools, and why?

I use Mailchimp for email marketing. I like that they offer a design-friendly email service and that their emails look great on every device. Next, I find Unbounce to be an excellent tool for creating landing pages. Unbounce’s highly engaged user community was quite helpful.

10) Where should people go to learn more about you and your company?

For the company, you can visit JustCall. If you are interested in connecting with me, you can connect with me on LinkedIn.

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