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Guest Posts

How to Create A Winning SaaS Email Onboarding Series: 3 Case Studies (Zero Bounce).

Published in 2021, this post gives you examples of successful onboarding emails from SaaS companies. If you have ever struggled with getting your free trial users to convert to paying customers, this post for ZeroBounce will help.

How to Improve Your Conversion Rates Without Expensive Market Research (Insights For Professionals)

Market research is powerful, but it is not always the right choice to boost conversions. For example, you might have low conversions because of technical issues. Check out this conversion rate optimization post for more guidance.

The Most Important Trait To Boost Your Productivity. (Productivityist)

Lifelong learning begins when you leave full time education. Use this guide to lifelong learning to sharpen your technical skills and become more successful.

How To Grow Your Business With Associations: 5 Benefits You Need To Know. (Mirasee)

My first online business venture, ProjectManagementHacks.com, achieved success by working with the Project Management Institute. Discover how you can grow your email list by working with associations.


Project Managers At Work.

My first book answers the question “how do manage and ship projects successfully?” by profiling top project managers from organizations like Apple, Google, NASA and TD Bank.

The Marketing Blueprint: Scale Your Startup Business To 1000 Customers.

I wrote and published this book in 2020 to help software companies acquire more customers using a combination of organic and paid traffic strategies. The book includes original interviews with SaaS marketing professionals and insights from my experience working with multiple technology companies.

White Papers

The Low Stress Road Map to PMP Certification (Wiley)

In this white paper, you will find out how to obtain your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Note that the white paper was published several years, so some of the details may have changed. If you are in a B2B industry, publishing a white paper is a great way to establish your credentials as a thought leader.

Threats & Opportunities: keeping up with consumer retail needs in 2017 (Brisqq)

Written for a Brisqq, this white paper shows how you can position a technology company as the best way to take advantage of wider trends (e.g. retail shopping preferences).

Industry Articles

For several years, I contributed articles to technology and business publications like CIO.com, InfoWorld, and Practical Ecommerce. This work means I understand how to market and create content about enterprise software, AI, customer relationship and cybersecurity.

10 signs your CRM system needs an overhaul.

How the Internet of Things improves air travel.

3 ways AI assistants improve enterprise productivity.

How Lockheed Martin, Cisco and PWC manage cybersecurity

Career boost: Break into data science.

Amazon Payments: Pros, Cons for Ecommerce Merchants

SEO and Online Marketing

If you’re still reading, you’re probably wondering “industry articles and white papers are cool, but what about getting traffic to my website?” Content marketing and search engine optimization has been my primary traffic growth strategy since 2015. The following articles outline some of the specific SEO techniques you can use to grow your traffic.

SEO Quick Wins: Rank a New Website with 14 Steps in 14 Days (Monitor Backlinks)

People Also Ask: How to Use PAA Boxes to Create Linkworthy Content (Monitor Backlinks)

How to Get .Gov Backlinks from Local, State and Federal Government Websites (Monitor Backlinks)

How to Get Google Backlinks: Making It Easy for Google to Love You (Monitor Backlinks)

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