Sharing The ExecVision Marketing Journey: A SaaS Marketing Q&A Interview With Sam Niro

When I discovered ExecVision a while back, I was impressed by their website. Yet, I wanted to know more. What marketing strategies and methods are they using to win in the marketplace? 

First, a few key facts about ExecVision. Founded in 2015, the company offers software to improve conversations in sales and customer service. They’ve worked with companies like REMAX Integra, OnDeck Capital and Hanover Research to improve sales and customer conversations.

Fortunately, Sam Niro, Senior Content Marketing Manager at ExecVision, recently joined me to share her insights in an interview.

Let’s start with Sam’s professional journey.

1) How did you get into marketing?

I started my career in graphic design as I earned my bachelor’s degree in that field. After working in graphic design for about a year, I had an opportunity to explore other areas of marketing. I started devouringreathe HubSpot blog, and that helped me to see what was possible with content marketing. Eventually, I found that content marketing was my marketing sweet spot for my skillset.

2) What is a marketing win you’ve achieved at ExecVision?

Over my first two years at the company, I participated in two website launches that realigned us to our ICP. It’s a unique opportunity to get involved in two launches in such a short timeframe.. From a marketing perspective, these projects were a win for me because both launches did not result in the typical backslide of search rankings. In fact, our most recent website relaunch even saw a 20% increase in organic traffic YoY in the first 90 days. . 

These launches also helped us better target our personas outside of the B2B SaaS sales team.. For example, some companies use the phrase “sales reps” to define their sales professionals. Now, we’re starting to attract companies that use other titles to describe their sales staff. These groups tend to have differences in how they sell – some have multi-month sales processes, while more transactional offerings tend to have a one-call close.

3) What are the top 3 most important marketing channels in your work?

For ExecVision, the most important marketing channels include:

  1. LinkedIn. LinkedIn is our bread and butter these days. It’s 80% or more of our social platform. Twitter is a secondary focus. Facebook is currently not a focus for us.
  2. Email. A combination of outbound email and email list. We have a regular weekly email newsletter. From an outbound perspective, we work on a list of targeted accounts – typically about 25 targeted accounts per salesperson. We look for themes around a critical business issue and a vertical to find out what to offer to them. Sometimes, there are challenges with inbound leads – they are not always a good match for sales.
  3. Content marketing. We publish blog posts and ebooks to attract leads. In 2019, this was one of our most successful blog posts: Your Low Activity Reps Don’t Need Call Coaching–They Need This. The content channel is also supported by This channel is supported by a display advertising on thee Google Ads Network, LinkedIn, and via Triblio, an ABM platform.

 4) How have you changed your marketing plans, if at all, as a result of COVID?

There have been a few changes. We’ve noticed that the way people work has changed. For example, sales managers cannot easily listen to sales calls the way they would in the office.

We’ve also changed our approach to webinars. We recently had a highly popular webinar with our co-founder and broke the webinar platform with more than 1200 attendees. We’ve also used Zoom to run an Ask Me Anything session, which was a great way to connect with the sales community during this time.

5) What frustrates you about marketing work today?

It can be challenging to meet deadlines when there are multiple stakeholders who need to sign off before a new campaign or program launches.

When I used to work in the office, I could drop by a person’s task to ask about their approval to start a marketing approval. I’ve been working full time remotely since November 2019, so I’ve had to adjust some of my practices since then.

6) What are your favorite software tools for marketing, and why?

My favorite tool is MarketMuse because it helps to improve content from an SEO perspective. For example, it helps to process written content and suggest related keywords to improve rankings. In addition to improving search performance, MarketMuse makes my work easier because editing content takes much less time.

Beyond MarketMuse, I use Google Drive and Asana daily. We used to rely on spreadsheets to organize our marketing work. Moving to Asana has made it much easier to gather feedback on work and move projects along. For email, I use Marketo to build out our emails.

7) What does your marketing team look like (employees, consultants, agencies)?

Today, our marketing team is made up of three people. Our senior director, Angela Goldman, manages our overall strategy and individual contributions. My colleague, Greg Acquavella, leads up our demand gen efforts and I tackle our content and copy needs.. While we all have a distinct role, there is also some overlap and redundancy between us.

8) What is your favorite marketing book, blog, or resource?

I’m a big fan of Drift and the content they produce. They do a great job of creating valuable content. I also follow Dave Gerhart on LinkedIn and many others who wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves to be influencers. There is sometimes an echo chamber in the SaaS sales tool space so it’s important to me to broaden my network and content consumption

9) What is the best way for people to learn more about you and the company?

To learn more about ExecVision, check out our website and connect with me on LinkedIn. I also highly recommend you follow Steve Richard, our co-founder. He’s insanely knowledgable about sales and his life’s mission is to make every seller the best they can be.

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