The #1 Blog Mistake SaaS Companies Make

Last year, I reviewed more than 100 software company (SaaS) websites to better understand the market. The result was a mixed picture. Some companies were doing well in using inbound marketing effectively. Many others were failing. Let’s take a closer look at one of the most common problems.

The “All About Us” Mistake On SaaS Company Blogs

Look at your last twenty blog posts.

How many of them are company news like feature announcements, personnel announcements, and other insider information? If you answered more than 50%, you just committed the “all about us” mistake. When you talk about your new feature release or other company news too often, it is a turn off to new prospects. Sure, a tiny percentage of customers are interested in your product roadmap and engineering. However, most prospects have no time for that.

They are silently asking themselves, “what’s in it for me?” when they view your website, your social media updates, and emails. If you make them guess or work to find that answer, you are going to lose them. That means fewer leads, higher customer acquisition cost, and greater difficulty in hitting your growth targets.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Reframe how you view your blog!

What Is The Job of Your Company’s Blog?

Copyhackers pioneered a great concept on applying Jobs To Be Done To Copywriting. In essence, look at your copy – and that includes your company blog, email newsletter, and social media – as performing a job. In that way, your copy can perform well on the job, or it can fail. What’s the job of your company’s blog? Depending on your mix of marketing strategies, it will probably be one of the following:

Attract qualified leads. Without relevant leads, no sale can happen.

Convert website visitors to your email list. For products like enterprise marketing automation, few people are ready to buy immediately after they discover a new product. Therefore, your company blog and online channels can offer an alternative: encourage customers to sign up for your email list so you can follow up with them,

Increase customer lifetime value (Moz found that customers who consumed their content before buying tended to have higher LTV than customers who have not consumed content.

Support your positioning. Want to feel scared about your company’s prospects? Open up one of the large categories on Capterra or G2 Crowd. At this moment, there are over 600+ customer relationship management (CRM) applications on Capterra. Yikes! Many of them offer similar features and have comparable pricing. What do you do about this? You need to position yourself as a distinct solution, and your blog can help. In the CRM market, karmaCRM comes to mind as a company with clear positioning: “CRM for professional speakers.” Your blog can support your positioning strategy by separating you from others.

Before you publish your next blog post, ask yourself these questions:

1) Is this post about our company or our customers?

2) Which marketing goal (e.g., attract leads, support positioning, or convert visitors to subscribers) does the post contribute to?

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